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Our Mission

Our Mission is to help you be wealthier and tackle climate change.

How does taking action on Climate Change save you cash?

The things we spend a lot of our money on every day – things like fuel, travel and food – are also the biggest causes of climate change (global warming). But by cutting out waste and making better choices, it’s easy to slash your living costs and carbon footprint at the same time.

Why do this?

Maybe you are skint or in debt. You might want to work less, or retire earlier. The money you save can get your debt free, and increase your financial independence. At the same time you can bask in the glory of doing something really positive to tackle the climate and environmental crisis we are facing. Find out how it works.

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Meet LiveLight founder – Mr GreenBeard

Hi, I'm Mr GreenBeard. I saved over £90,000 in just six years of low carbon living - on a fairly average income. This has led to all sorts of good things in my life. My carbon footprint is a now a quarter of the UK national average - although I've broken most of the rules in the 'Green' handbook along the way. My goals now are to become financially independent of the need to work and get a two tonne carbon footprint . Through LiveLight, I'm sharing all the good stuff I use to cut my living costs and carbon footprint.

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