What can I do about climate change?

If we want to have a chance of avoiding the worst effects of climate change we all need to have a three tonne carbon footprint by 2030 - and preferably sooner. This requires lifestyle changes for all of us, as well as action from governments and businesses. The good news is that these changes are hugely beneficial to us as individuals in many ways - and especially financially.

How can combating climate change save me cash?

The things we spend money on every day - fuel, travel and food - are also the biggest causes of climate change (global warming). By cutting out waste and making better choices, it’s easy to slash your living costs and carbon footprint at the same time.

What is your footprint? Try our calculator now!

Find out in five minutes how close you are to a climate-friendly three tonne footprint, what more you can do - and how much money you can save.

Why do this?

Maybe you want to do something positive to combat climate change. Or maybe you are skint or in debt. You might want to work less, or retire earlier. The money you save can get your debt free, and increase your financial independence. Find out how it works.

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